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Jun. 22nd, 2005 | 06:02 pm
posted by: onyourown in la_moony

I really don't like this weather. It's hot and sticky and gross and I don't feel like playing, but something inside me keeps telling me I have to play, so I do and I get really tired and Mummy said I'm funny 'cause I get up to play and then I lay down and I don't get up for awhile. I wish it would do the same thing it did yesterday. There was this hard, white, cold stuff coming out of the sky and it made puddles of water in our backyard and I kept playing in them and jumping in them and it was really fun and Mummy said that it was supposed to do that again today but it's not and I wish it was 'cause now I know what it is and I won't be afraid of it anymore.

I don't know why Mummy has been getting so annoyed with me today. All I did was pull those white things out of the trash can. I like to eat them. Mummy said it's almost as gross as eating poop and I don't know why everyone says eating poop is gross, 'cause I like it.


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